How do I get MLS specific sized images to download so I can upload the images to my MLS listing?

First, go to your Listing Dashboard. If you need help locating your Listing Dashboard, see this article.

From the overview page, you can download the images from these two location. Note: These buttons are visible from any tab. 

Once you go to the click on the "Download Photos" button you will get a prompt to select your file size. You can download the images in web, MLS-specific sized images, print or download all sizes. If you need to change your MLS provider, click on the "change MLS" and this will allow you to download image sizes optimized for that MLS service.

You can change your "MLS Provider" default to CoStar or Loopnet in two ways: Property Specific or update your default MLS Provider in your settings: 

Property Specific:

Click on the "MLS Status" button: 

Edit the MLS #" to the MLS listing (or you can input TBD if you do not have an MLS) and select your MLS Provider from the "MLS Provider" drop down:  

We recommend using the following default settings so that you can set it and forget it for all future listings:

Updating your default MLS Provider in your settings:

You can set your default MLS provider in your Account Settings. This will ensure that all of your future Listings will default to your desired MLS service and the images can be downloaded in the optimized size at delivery. 

To set your default MLS service, go to the account settings cogwheel: 

Click on the "MLS tab":

Select the desired MLS provide from the drop down Menu and click "Save Changes". 

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