How do I customize my Virtuance Marketing Suite Brochure?

The Virtuance Marketing Suite offers free customizable brochures! To customize and download your brochure: 

Go to your Listing Dashboard

In the Brochure Builder, you'll be able to adjust text, change the images, input key selling points, adjust the back of the brochure and more! 

Change the Brochure Theme: You can change the brochure theme on the right. The themes will default to 2 Pages and you can adjust the brochure to be a 1 page brochure by adjusting the pages in the theme area to the left. Once you have selected your desired settings, click "set theme". 

Adjust Text: To adjust text, select the text you'd like to edit: 

Change Images: Double click on the image you'd like to change and then select a replacement image:

Input Key Selling Points and Price: To adjust the text in these fields, click and edit: 

Adjust the Back of the Brochure: To edit the back of the brochure, click on the "Back" button on the brochure builder: 

Preview the brochure: 

Save: Once you've customized the brochure to your liking, you'll want to save your edits: 

Download: To download your brochure in a print ready PDF, click in the "Download" button: 

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